Richard Haass: Episode 152 – The World’s Hot Spots

Dr. RICHARD HAASS takes us on a tour of The World’s Hot Spots. We also discuss the U.S. in 2024 and the concept of citizenship.

Richard is a veteran diplomat and respected scholar of international relations.

He is president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations after having served as the CFR’s president for twenty years.

Richard is also senior counselor with Centerview Partners, an international investment banking advisory firm. He appears frequently in the media and has authored several books on American Foreign Policy, Management and Democracy.

Richard Haass on the World’s Hot Spots

Israel/Gaza/Middle East/Hamas/Hezbollah – What do the other oil-rich nations to the north think of these troubles? Even with outside pressure, is there a long term answer for this conflict?

Ukraine/Russia – Meanwhile, what does a Russia look like after Putin?

China/Taiwan/South China Seas – While Russia struggles, but progresses, with the Ukraine, has the U.S. calculus with China changed?

India – Because India now has the same population as China and growing economic power, is there an appetite for them to step up in world affairs?

Haiti – As a result of this month’s events and it’s long history of chaos, is Haiti a broken country?

Richard Haass on The United States in 2024

With Trump vs Biden now a semi-official Rematch, what are you looking out for?

The Health of Economy – With statistics saying it’s healthy and people saying it doesn’t feel that way, who wins out?

Immigration – How did the U.S. get this so wrong?

As a result immigrations and the headlines around National Security and Foreign Policy, is this the election where the economy is not the decisive issue?

If the electorate looking inward this cycle, will this attitude have an impact on Tax Policy?

With both parties having lame ducks and shallow benches, what does the next administration look like as the head into midterms?

If the cult of personality begins to dissipate, what’s next?

Resultantly, is this a source of optimism that well get back into actual policy debates at the party level?

“The Bill of Obligations” and Citizenship

What prompted you to write about what it takes to be a good and productive citizen?

What are the 10 points of the Bill of Obligations?

-Be Informed
-Get Involved
-Stay Open to Compromise
-Remain Civil
-Reject Violence
-Value Norms
-Promote the Common Good
-Respect Government Service
-Support the Teaching of Civics
-Put Country First

Are there certain writers and publications you enjoy reading? Favorite books?

Final Questions

With some of the big concepts laid out, what big concept out there keeps you up at night?

Lastly, with so much conflict around the globe, is there a big opportunity that you see that isn’t being noticed?

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