In this 150th Episode, we revisit the topic of citizenship and expatriation and try to answer the question, “Should I expatriate?.”

Establishing a life outside the friendly confines of the United States is a popular wealth conversation.. In the last few years, fueled by local dissatisfaction, political polarization, wealth divide animosity and positive “working abroad” experiences, “Expatriation” is now a big word in the cocktail party circuit. It’s a word that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Done correctly, it is a multi-year decision and planning process with significant consequences.

Long-time friend of the podcast, DAVID LESPERANCE and fellow cross-border tax expert, MELVIN WARSHAW, share their expertise on the three levels of “detachment” from the USA. They will set out the administrative and tax consequences of moving up the ladder of recission from the United States.

(David’s previous interview here EP-76 Citizenship Diversification)

What factors have caused a dramatic increase in Wealthy Families seeking second citizenships and residence as “Fire Insurance”?

  • Tax the Rich proposals,
  • Rising racism and anti-semitism,
  • political polarization,
  • mass shootings etc.

What are the tax consequences of being a United States citizen?

How does one obtain a second residence? What factors to consider?

How does one obtain a second citizenship? What factors to consider?

What are the types of “Fire Escape Plans”? (i.e. Go Bag option, American Living Abroad, Expatriation) 

What are the Tax consequences of leaving the United States vs a full “Expatriation”?

What are possible factors that may cause one to trigger their Fire Escape Plan? (SCOTUS decision in Moore, Election mayhem, natural disasters, election results etc.)

What is the impact on the US of Wealthy Americans triggering Fire Escape Plans?

Should I Expatriate?


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