THE HYPERLOOP… Forget About High Speed Trains – The Future Is All About Having Yourself Fired Out Of A Shotgun


According to Space-X and Tesla founder, Elon Musk, development plans for a radically new type of transportation system are well underway. Something called the “Hyperloop” may soon be able to deliver passengers from LA to San Francisco in just slightly over 30 minutes: “In Musk’s vision, the Hyperloop would transport people via aluminum pods enclosed inside of steel tubes. He describes the design as looking like a shotgun with the tubes running side by side for most of the journey and closing the loop at either end. These tubes would be mounted on columns 50 to 100 yards apart, and the pods inside would travel up to 800 miles per hour.”

Moreover, if developed, Musk projects the project would ultimately be far less expensive to construct and operate than any existing high speed rail network. Normally, I’d be highly skeptical – but seeing as Musk is, in fact, the dude who created the word’s first successful all-private spaceship company, my view is that he has more than earned the right to be taken VERY seriously.

Stay thirsty, my friends . . . This one is unquestionably cool.

[“Revealed: Elon Musk Explains the Hyperloop, the Solar-Powered High-Speed Future of Inter-City Transportation, Bloomberg Businessweek,” 8/12/2013]

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