The iWatch – Fiction or Your Inescapable Destiny?

(Note: As far as I can tell, both from the below article and from other sources, so far this is all mere conjecture . . . I’m absolutely not breaking any news here guys – just something that does seem to be getting increasing buzz by the day. Also, ZERO idea whether the picture above has any connection to reality.)

Look: Part of me profoundly hates this idea – But then I hate it in the way a junky hates his pusher . . . Does the logic in the Business Insider piece cited here make sense? Honestly, no idea – But I’ll admit to appreciating its stunningly nerdy level of graphical analysis. Truth is, I have to say that the concept has kept me thinking. Now, whether this is a Steve Jobs sort of “return to glory moment” or not – Well, we’re getting WAY beyond my pay-grade or ability to predict. But I am – at least mildly – no – ACTUALLY – intrigued. Also, will I be able to read my iWatch through my Google Glasses or would that create some sort of breach in the space-time continuum? Is Apple creating this entire thing without paying a single penny in taxes??? Damn it all!! I KNOW NOTHING. And as readers of this blog are well aware, that makes me exceedingly unsettled…

[“If You Bought An ‘iWatch’ From Apple, You’d Check it ~95 Times Per Day (And That’s Why Apple Is Going To Make A Boatload),” Business Insider, 5/30/2013]

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