Vacationing at Russian Factory #918

Looking for that one-of-a-kind vacation hot-spot that simply screams out raw sex appeal?

Well then consider the Russian town of Tomilino – specifically its chief attraction: a factory known either as Zvezda or simply “Factory #918.” For over six decades, this small (and no doubt charming) facility is where is Russia’s space program has been engineering its spacesuit technology – all of which can now be yours for the viewing. Moreover, it claims to also have a “kiosk,” a “bus stop” AND a “fully-functional catapult…”

But that’s not all . . .

Perhaps most compellingly, because Zvezda continues to perform dangerous top-secret experiments (including during tourist visiting hours), there’s every chance you’ll get even more of thrill than advertised in the laboratory/museum’s brilliantly designed tourism brochure (also helpfully suggesting other highly intriguing Russian destinations).

Sounds perfect for anniversaries, no? These guys really know how to market…

[“Step Inside The Russian Spacesuit Factory, Popular Mechanics, 10/19/2013]

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