Artificial intelligence and healthcare have been intertwined for a long time.

The public has finally noticed.

With the emergence of OpenAI and other Large Language Model platforms, we are on the forefront of more huge changes in the business of health care.

Healthcare and elder issues are the major concerns for most families planning for their futures. Artificial intelligence has permanently changed the method and pace of research, the role of privacy, the choice and delivery of treatment, and the way people interact with the healthcare community.

To better understand these issues, I spoke with Chris Heye. who is working in the space.


Dr CHRIS HEYE is the CEO and Founder of both Whealthcare Solutions, Inc. and Whealthcare Planning LLC. He is a proven entrepreneur with extensive experience starting and growing technology companies. After confronting dementia in his own family and witnessing elder financial abuse in friends, Chris decided that older adults needed more protection.

Chris and I take a look at this intersection. The advances are exciting. Having surveying the landscape, we marvel at the leaps forward to come and worry about the issues that they create.

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

Against that backdrop, we take on these questions:

  • How is the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare changing medical research?
  • Is artificial intelligence shifting the methodology and processes of healthcare and is it for the better?
  • After sharing our experiences with dementia and loved ones, Chris and I wonder about the future of dementia management. Will the intersection assist patients with their day-to-day lives?
  • Is artificial intelligence widening the gap between retirement, late stage health and death?
  • Knowing the pernicious effect of ageism, can the financial planning industry properly account for the length and expense of elder living?
  • What can we expect in the near future and what should we look out for?

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