Because Sometimes You Only Have 45 Seconds To Chill Your Drink

There are at least three reason you’re going to need to buy this product as quickly as possible. But first, what exactly is it?

Described by its manufacturer as a “reverse microwave,” it is indeed to first household appliance capable of cooling liquids (even fizzy liquids like – I dunno… say, beer – not mention Champagne) in roughly 45 seconds. So why do you require it IMMEDIATELY?

Reason #1:  It accomplishes its super-cooling not with something boring like liquid that huge canister of liquid nitrogen you break out on “special occasions,” but rather with a “Collapsed Rankine Viscous Fluid Vortex.” Don’t worry about what that actually is. There are simply some devices in life with names more than sufficiently impressive to warrant your immediate attention. Trust me.

Reason #2:  Through an ingenious use of “twin axis rotation,” it not only preserves all the tasty beverage goodness but doubles as a cocktail mixer – albeit not one that James Bond would approve – but assuming he isn’t one of your guests, that likely won’t be much of a problem.

Reason #3:  It was developed with the aid of seed money from the EU and is 80% more energy efficient than other cooling systems. (OK – HOLD ON…) That’s actually NOT sufficiently “cool” for this blog. I apologize. The thing is, I was taught back in high school that all lists need at least three items so I’m working with what I’ve got here people… How about — ICE COLD BEER!!! (Mixed with whiskey?) Hmmmm….

Be sure to check out the below video as well.

[Reverse Microwave Can Chill Wine Bottles and Fizzy Drink Cans In 45 Seconds,” The Telegraph, 10/25/2013]

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