EP.46: DECISION by PR: Some Thoughts on Public Relations as CORPORATE STRATEGY-

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On this week’s podcast, we have some back and forth on the emerging prevalence of public relations and its increasing importance in corporate strategy.

Discussion outline below . . .

  • The Dangers of the “Spindustry”.
  • The use of avatars to represent climate change- are they created or natural occurring representatives.
  • Naomi Seibt- as the counterpoint to Greta Thurnberg on climate change- is she a “created” representative. NYPOST: GRETA vs NAOMI
  • The Potential Damage to Unwitting Avatars (especially those pulled out of central casting)
  • Coronavirus- Catastrophists vs. Slow Adopters. How did views change so quickly? (This was recorded before the Rudy Gobert news and the cancellation of the major sports events)
  • The Innovation of Adoption Lifecycles- Innovators, Early adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards.
  • “Abundance of Caution” vs “Self Quarantines Don’t Work in Democracies.”
  • How does one project calm and competence (before having proved these traits)?
  • What happens when people have to actually rethink their lives?
  • Is there a consequence to being over-confident?
  • The Tylenol case- a good example of PR driving the corporate strategy.
  • Crisis Management: Doing the right thing, being smart legally and defending the brand and the business.
  • The tension between the PR strategy and the legal strategy . . .
  • Strategy by Avatar may not work- I can’t remember Naomi Seibt’s name!!!
  • ESG investing and Public Relations- how is reputation/PR scored?
  • Is it reputation well understood in the investment world? Significant?

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