Ep.47 PARTISANSHIP – “Pre-Corona” thoughts on Hidden Common Ground

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(Ep.47 was recorded in early December before the primary season and the onset of the Corona Virus and the market tumult . . .)

SUSAN PAGE in the USA TODAY from Early December on the Divided America- https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/hiddencommonground/2019/12/05/hidden-common-ground-americans-divided-politics-seek-civility/4282301002/

  • The Divided America- Is “Partisanship” as bad as it feels?
  • Centrists as the new radicals
  • Rancor Fatigue
  • Is the skill of nuanced debate a lost art?
  • Strong (economic) motivations for polarized parties
  • Does instagram fame lead to argumentative success?
  • Has the Bell Curve fallen to the concept of Long Tail (Niche) Marketing?
  • Does cable viewership really tell you what the middle of the Bell Curve are thinking?
  • Running out of money in the political process?
  • 98% of the job in politics is fundraising- is that right?
  • Parallels in hiring- would you use the political process to hire someone?
  • Is the popularity contest a good proxy for the skills in the job?
  • 69% of Americans deal with disagreements in a destructive way and it’s getting worse! Public accountability for one’s online presence . . .
  • Philip Howard- has the country devolved with mindless compliance? Can individuals be responsible for their own thoughts?
  • Outcomes vs Rules-Based rule-making?
  • Has compliance culture created anger in the constituents AND the regulators? Am I only allowed to do what I’m told?
  • Political parties as businesses. Third Parties . . . . Duopolies protecting themselves. Ross Perot. John Anderson. Jill Stein. Bloomberg and the ill-fated “path to the math.”


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