Occasionally, I get to speak with someone in the industry that both affirms my experiences, but also pushes my thinking and worldview. DAVID C WELLS JR, CEO of Family Capital Strategy, fits that bill on the topic of advising families. I met him in Nashville early in 2020 and stayed in touch. When I heard he was writing a book, I knew we were kindred spirits having gone through that process myself. That book, “When Anything is Possible”, just came out and I couldn’t be happier for him. I think it is a terrific companion to those looking to forestall the “Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves” phenomenon and help business owners and their families structure and build lives of purpose. In this podcast, we discuss some of his insights and the book-writing process itself.


Chapter 1 Wealth Strategy: Defining the Terms

Section One: Wealth Structure

Chapter 2 Wealth and What It Is

Chapter 3 Level of Wealth

Chapter 4 Psychology: Money’s War on Our Brains

Chapter 5 Coming Into Wealth

Section Two: Wealth Identity

Chapter 6 How You Feel About Yourself Affects How You Feel About Wealth

Chapter 7 Defining Your Wealth Identity

Section Three: Wealth Strategy

Chapter 8 How to Spend It

Chapter 9 How to Invest

Chapter 10 Giving to the Next Generation

Chapter 11 Philanthropy

Chapter 12 Building a Life of Intention

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You can find David here:

Book – whenanythingispossible.com

Website: www.familycapitalstrategy.com

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Twitter: @DavidCWellsJr

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