Scott Johnston, Co-Founder of Wayin and LiquidSky

I recently spoke with Scott Johnston about his transition from banking to entrepreneurism and two of his technology projects.

WAYIN is Scott’s venture co-founded with Scott McNealey. They help major companies aggregate and understand the date generated by consumers and their social media presence. That data can then be used by the company to better focus their marketing efforts and sell more efficiently.

LiquidSky is Scott’s venture that seeks to more efficiently allocate the world’s computing power. The company employs a subscription model and delivers computing and processing speeds on an “as-needed” basis. Liquidsky hopes to help people, businesses, universities and governments accomplish their computing goals without making huge equipment investments that could quickly become obsolete.

Scott and I have known each other for years having interacted in the political arena and on the golf course. In this episode we cover . . .

  • The transition from Wall Street to technology entrepreneurism
  • The genesis of Wayin- how does one take an idea and turn it into a business?
  • What problems does Wayin solve for marketers and advertisers?
  • Can Wayin apply to other arenas like politics?
  • How did Scott find the idea for LiquidSky?
  • How did he develop the talent to turn this idea from a twinkle in the eye to a viable business that could solve “Billion Person Problems?”
  • What is the impact of the video gamer? How big is that market? What is the impact of their influence on media production?
  • What are some tips and issues for investors to note if they are interested in investing or being involved in young companies?

Scott also collects his thoughts in his “Naked Dollar” Blog


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