In this episode we dive into the world of real estate development and the use of LED conversions to save money and drive returns.  Joining us is Judd Stensrud.

Judd is the founder and CEO of LUMEN GLOBAL.  The firm uses energy efficiency to help drive real estate returns.  Judd has an undergraduate degree from Duke University in economics and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  However, it wasn’t until he got to Costa Rica in the early 2000’s that he began to truly grasp the impact of costs within a vast portfolio of income producing real estate.  Using these tools later in his career, Judd

  • Helped renegotiate a half billion dollar loan with The Bank of China,
  • Was the lead asset manager for The Plaza Hotel in New York, and
  • Led a process where Bill Gates and the Four Seasons Hotels invested over $300 million into a project that was his brainchild.

Recognizing the typical reasons that investors miss out on maximizing their profits led him to found Lumen Global.


Tell us a little about how your Costa Rica experience and how that impacted your view on managing real estate.
How did this and your other experiences lead you to found Lumen Global?

What does Lumen do to add value?

While Lumen Global utilizes a number of energy efficiency measures to help increase your bottom line, we believe there is not a better available tool than converting to LED lighting technology.

Why?  What is Your Process?

  • Energy Efficiency measures drop 100% to your bottom line.
  • Most deals have an IRR of 50% to over 100%.
  • Cash outlay, if any, is generally returned within one year.
  • We are a turnkey process… no work for your team.


  • We begin with a lighting analysis. We feel the best place to invest your money is through LED light technology.
  • We count all lights on your property.
  • We come back to you with an analysis.
  • We estimate how much you are spending per year buying lights and installing them.
  • We show your total spend on lighting per year and how much you will spend after converting to better looking LED technology.
  • Our analysis will show the turnkey cost to convert to LED.
  • Our professional bonded and insured electricians install the new material.
  • We process all incentive paperwork and use this to decrease the total job cost.


  • Office Buildings
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouse Industrials
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Medical Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Interesting Stories
  • McDonald’s
  • Warehouse Conversion
  • Others

How do we keep tabs on Lumen Global?
For those who want to use you or get involved, how do they contact the firm?




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